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We strive to provide up to date information for patients and our range of Patient Information Leaflets can be found here.

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Specific enquiries

The Society cannot respond to individual enquiries regarding the specific treatments for individual patients, as these decisions require a proper doctor patient relationship with full knowledge of the clinical history and other salient facts. This can only be achieved through a clinical consultation. Questions regarding whether and when a treatment is recommended, or concerning cost effectiveness, are in the remit of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) and specific recommendations can be viewed on the NICE website

BSIR as an organisation do not recommend treatments either to individual patients or to groups of patients.  We make our expert review available through the appropriate National bodies such as NICE etc.  The Society does not collect information on the  availability of treatments through the NHS or privately.

The Society will occasionally issue a position statement regarding treatments for certain conditions.


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Find an IR doctor

If you have been recommended a specific interventional radiology treatment by your own doctor then you may be able to locate a suitable provider of this treatment by searching for an IR doctor in your area here.