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BSIR information for patients on PAE (prostate artery embolisation)

7th November 2018

Here you will find some useful information from the BSIR about prostate artery embolisation.

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Interventional Radiology: A staffing crisis?

22nd October 2018

The Clinical Radiology UK workforce census 2017 report has been released. The report highlights the increasing demand for interventional and interventional neuroradiology.

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BSIR Guidance Document for Prostate Artery Embolisation (PAE)

17th July 2018

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What is the BSIR?

The BSIR is a charitable foundation founded to promote and develop the practice of Interventional Radiology.

What are the main objectives of the society?

  • To support and develop access to high quality information on Interventional Radiology for patients and all healthcare professionals.
  • To support audit and research in Interventional Radiology
  • To support education and training in Interventional Radiology


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