BSIR Mentoring Scheme

BSIR Mentoring Scheme

BSIR's Mentoring scheme, in collaboration with the RCR, aims to provide an opportunity to IR fellows and general radiology trainees with an interest in IR, to help them to achieve their full potential by building on their personal and professional development, through rewarding and enlightening mentoring sessions.   

Initially this scheme will be a pilot open to BSIR members only, who will be asked to support the development of the offer, with the ambition to open this scheme beyond BSIR members when it is rolled out. Mentors (IR consultants) and mentees (ST1-ST6 CR/IR trainees) will be able to apply to join the scheme by applying through the link below. As this is our pilot, the number of mentees and mentors that we can accept onto the scheme for this cohort is limited to 20.

Each mentor application will be scored by three members of the BSIR EDI Committee. Mentee applicants who demonstrate suitability to the scheme will be selected on a first-come first-serve basis.

Successful mentors and mentees will be invited by the RCR to create a profile on their mentoring platform, where the matching process will take place. Mentees will be able to view all the mentor profiles on the platform. The mentee will send a request to the consultant who they would like to be their mentor. The mentor can then message the mentee and choose whether to accept their request.  

The platform has a wide variety of resources to aid the mentors and mentees at each step from initial discussion to the end of mentoring relationship. Each mentoring relationship will last for 12 months and a minimum of 12 meetings are expected during this period. Meetings can be held online or in person. A BSIR contact for mentees and mentors will be available to reach out to for support.  


Become a BSIR mentor  

Mentors will be IR consultants who are passionate about developing our future workforce through mentoring. Mentors will need to commit to a minimum of 12 meetings during the 12 month period. 

Benefits of being a mentor  

  • Professional Fulfillment: Allows experienced IRs to share their knowledge and expertise, contributing to the development of the next generation of IRs. 
  • Personal Growth: Helps mentors refine their leadership, communication, and teaching skills as they support their mentee. 
  • Knowledge Transfer: Facilitates the transfer of tacit knowledge and practical wisdom that may not be found in textbooks, enriching the mentee's medical practice. 
  • Networking Opportunities: Mentoring relationships often lead to lasting professional connections and networks, providing mentors with access to new perspectives, opportunities, collaborations and even future colleagues! 
  • Legacy Building: Mentoring allows seasoned IRs to leave a positive impact on the field by nurturing the talents and abilities of future IR consultants. 
  • Fresh Perspectives: Mentoring provides mentors with insights into current medical trends, technologies, and practices, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas between generations. 
  • Reciprocal Learning: Mentoring is not a one-way street; mentors can also learn from their mentees, gaining new insights and perspectives that enrich their own practice and understanding of medicine. 


Become a BSIR mentee 

Mentees will be radiology registrars, with an interest in IR, or IR fellows. Mentees will need to commit to a minimum of 12 meetings during the 12 months period in addition to working on their goals in between meetings.  

Benefits of being a mentee  

  • Personal growth  
  • Access to valuable information 
  • Expanding your IR network  
  • Building your career roadmap! 


Applications for 2024 are now closed. Applicants will be contacted by 21/06/24.