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News and Updates (November 2017)

Radiology Registrar Survey 2017

During the month of October 2017 we conducted a survey to try and understand the reasons radiology trainees were not interested in interventional radiology. After attending such a great BSIR meeting in Birmingham, it is difficult to comprehend why anyone would want to do something else. Having said that, the results are interesting. 171 trainees responded, the majority (89) were trained in the UK. The split of male to females was 55%: 43%, with a few declining to comment. 62 % had done other specialities before entering radiology; 45% medicine, 56% surgery and 3.5% general practice. 17% expressed an interest in Interventional Radiology. 7% were interested in Interventional neuroradiology and 29 % were still undecided. The general split in other specialist areas (only most popular illustrated): read more..

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