BSIR IOUK 2024 Annual Meeting Programme

BSIR IOUK 2024 Annual Meeting Programme

Day One

08:30-09:00 Registration and Coffee


09:00-10:30 Industry-led Hands-on Workshops


10:30-11:00 Refreshment Break


11:00-11:10 Main Auditorium: Introduction and Welcome - Dr James Gordon-Smith, Dr Hamish Ireland and Dr Peter Littler


11:10-12:45 Main Auditorium: Primary Liver Malignancy – Dr Homoyoon Mehrzad and Dr Ram Kasthuri

Ablation: How do we deal with 3-5cm lesions? – Dr Peter Kennedy

Curative SIRT - Dr Georgia Priona

Should Systemic Get a Bigger Place at the Table? – Professor Jeff Evans

Balloon TACE: another string to the bow – Dr. Pierleone Lucatelli

Challenging Cases - The Panel


12:45-13:45 Lunch


13:45-14:15 Main Auditorium: IGEA Medical Symposium


14:15-14:45 Main Auditorium: IOUK 2024 Abstract Winners Oral Presentations


14:45-16:45 Main Auditorium: The Future in IO - Professor Tze Wah and Dr Praveen Peddu

Future of Intraarterial Therapies – Dr Lambros Tselikas

Stereotactic Guidance and Robotics for Ablations – Dr Govindarajan Narayanan

Should Minimal Ablation Margins Be Mandatory: A0 or A1? – Dr Alex King

The Future of Ablation? – Professor Kev Dhaliwal

Anaesthetics in IO – Dr Stephen Hickey


16:55-17:25 Aquilant Symposium


17:30-18:15 Drinks Reception

Day Two


08:30-09:00 Registration and Coffee


09:00-10:00 Main Auditorium: Developing Your Ablation Service - Dr Des Alcorn

Setting up a Thyroid Ablation Service – Dr Andy McQueen

MR Guided Prostate ablation – Dr Alex King

Bone Cryoablation – Dr Leonard King


09:00-10:00 New Library & Great Hall: Complex biliary – Dr Hamish Ireland

EUS BD – Dr Aaron McGowan

Percutaneous Cholangioscopy – Dr Salil Karkhanis

Complex Biliary Intervention Following Surgical Resection – Dr Praveen Peddu


10:00-10:30 Main Auditorium: Industry Symposium


10:30-11:00 Refreshment Break


11:00-12:15 Main Auditorium: Oligometastatic Disease - Dr David Breen and Dr James Good

Oligomets: The Role for IO - Dr Lambros Tselikas

Awkward Lesions for Ablations/IRE – Professor Tze Wah

Role of SABR – Dr James Good

Panel Discussion


11:00-12:15 New Library & Great Hall: IO Foundation Session

Introduction – Dr Tymoteusz Turlejski

Principles of Ablative Therapies and Teaching Cases – Dr Alex King

Principles of Vascular IO treatments and teaching cases – Dr Pete Littler


12:15-13:15 Lunch


13:15-13:30 IOUK 2024 Poster Session


13:30-15:15 Main Auditorium: Metastatic Liver and Lung Disease – Dr Govindarajan Narayanan and Professor Derek Manas

Advanced Surgical Techniques - Derek Manas

Venous Deprivation – Dr Sachin Modi

Increasing Role for Ablation in Metastatic Liver Disease – Dr Govindarajan Narayanan

Lung Mets: What is the Role for Ablation? – Dr Mark Anderson

Challenging Cases: The Panel


15:15-15:30 Main Auditorium: Closing Remarks


BSIR IOUK 2024 Meeting Programe