We are keen to create a vibrant and engaging community of Nurses & Radiographers with a specialist interest in Interventional Radiology.

Benefits of BSIRNR membership include:

  • being eligible to apply for the BSIR Educational Grant to attend BSIR ASM
  • having access to member-only CPD days
  • access to CPD tools in the BSIR Learning Zone
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Becoming a BSIRNR member

The annual BSIRNR membership fee is £25 and should be paid by Direct Debit.

You can become a BSIRNR member by following the link HERE

Tell us what you want!

We thank all of you for your continued support and value any input into the study days, CPD topics, sending in your own work, what you would like to see from our growing committee and engaging in discussions.

Keep sharing BSIRNR and encourage your fellow colleagues to join. 

Email [email protected] with any ideas, questions or topics you would like to see more on.