Aims of BSIR Trainees

Our aims are to provide information and advice to junior doctors who have an interest in Interventional Radiology as well as current IR trainees.  The speciality is evolving rapidly and trainees need to be aware of these changes to extract the most from their training opportunities.

Through representation on all the subcommittees of the British Society of Interventional Radiology, the junior section of BSIR has the ability to highlight issues and instigate changes in the current training programs.  It is vital to the future of Interventional Radiology, as a sub-specialty, that each of us plays a role in this process.

Why become a member?

  1. Exclusive membership access 

Not only will BSIR membership keep you up to date with training proposals and curriculum changes and allow you to voice your opinion, but the subscription includes CIRSE membership (Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe), access to the members areas on the BSIR website (which offers information on training, fellowships, career paths and a forum) and the CVIR (CardioVascular and Interventional Radiology) journal.

  1. Research fund opportunities 

For those interested in research the BSIR offers Educational, Research and Audit bursaries. Bursaries are offered to active BSIR members of any grade with an appropriate research proposal. 

  1. BSIR Trainee Day and previous resource access

The BSIR Trainee Committee organises a Trainee Day as part of the main Annual Society Meeting. Programmes and sessions are aimed at IR trainees or trainees with an interest in IR. Additional sessions are run for interested medical students as well as foundation doctors.

Previous events have been a great success according to the attendees and lecturers. We have had many prominent speakers from the field and great range of sponsors from medical industry. P ast programme's have been fantastic introduction's to important IR topics with several lectures and practical workshops aimed at registrars, foundation doctors and the medical students’ level.

The links to the previous lectures and thousands more useful topics can be accessed via the website by current active members.

  1. Stand in election for the BSIR Trainee committee

Annual elections for BSIR Trainee Student & Foundation doctor and BSIR Trainee committee representatives are held online, and the current committee members can be viewed here.

The BSIR Trainee Group endeavours to faciIitate the aspirations of IR trainees and those interested in a career in interventional radiology, and your enthusiastic participation and feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Some contents on this page may be limited to members only - details of how you can become a member are available here.

We look forward to meeting you!

The BSIR Trainee Committee