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  2. VASCULAR SURGERY TRAINING A summary and guidance for radiology trainers & trainees 2021

ST1 IR Recruitment

Dear BSIR member,

You will hopefully be aware that prospective radiology trainees can preference a CR(I) post ie ST1 IR training post.

Some training schemes are not making this widely known.

I would like to strongly encourage you all to speak to your TPDs and HOS and encourage them to put forward IR posts for ST1s and publicise this fact.

Access to IR badged ST1 posts is key to recruitment into IR. We must ensure this scheme succeeds!

This is a link to the RCR guidance on the process. Please circulate to anyone who may be interested.

Some key excerpts are below.


From 2022, applicants to Clinical Radiology (CR) who have an early interest in Interventional Radiology (IR) will have the option to preference posts with an Interventional Radiology interest at the ST1 recruitment stage.

The ability to preference available posts opens following the interview process. At this point applicants will decide whether they wish to opt for the CR(I) pathway.

Thank you very much

Best wishes

Phil Haslam

President BSIR

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VASCULAR SURGERY TRAINING A summary and guidance for radiology trainers & trainees 2021

GUIDANCE on TRAINING PROVISION in VASCULAR INTERVENTIONAL PROCEDURES (To support the curricular requirements of vascular surgery trainees)

This document has been produced as a replacement for previous iteration dated September 2016 and is the result of the introduction of the 2021 versions of both the Interventional Radiology and Vascular Surgery curricula. Henceforth, use of the 2016 document should cease.

Click here to view.

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