The BSIR are continuing their Educational Webinar Programme for 2021. The recordings can be found in the Learning Zone, exclusively for BSIR Members.

Contemporary Interventional Management of Acute PE

Variceal GI Bleeding

Venous thrombolysis, thrombectomy and stenting

Drug eluting device in PVD - where are we now?

Fenstrated EVAR Part 1

Fenestrated Evar Part 2

Fibroid Embolisation

Paediatric IR: Not just a cinderella service

IR & Stroke Thombectomy: The Way Forward

Ablation for benign thyroid nodules

BVM/IMACTIS: Pushing the Limits

Penumbra: Saving an AV Fistula: How to Restore the Flow

Penumbra: Efficient and Targeted Vessel Sacrifice with Coil Technology

Penumbra: Is Front Line Aspiration Thrombectomy the Way Forward in ALI Treatment

Penumbra: The Role of Mechanical Aspiration Thrombectomy in the Management of Acute PE

Boston Scientific: Let's Get Personal: Personalised Dosimetry in HCC for Interventional Radiologists and Nuclear Medicine Clinicians

Welcome & Plenary 1: Real World Evidence

Break Out Room: IR

Break Out Room: Nuclear Medicine

Plenary 2: Case Based Discussion 

Cascination: Standardizing Interventional Oncology  (Obtaining Reproduceable Outcomes with Quality Ablation) 

Guerbet: PAE UK Update

Merit: Is it Time to Stent AVF's?

BD: The Problem of In-stent Restenosis and Reocclusion