BSIR Annual Scientific Meeting 2020

The BSIR Annual Scientific Meeting 2020 took place on our online virtual platform, from Tuesday 1st - Thursday 3rd December 2020. 

All sessions were recorded, and you can view them via the menu below. 

Please note the recordings/presentations cannot be used, copied or replaced in any way without written permission of BSIR and the recording presenters. The opinions and topics discussed are that of the participants and are not endorsed or a reflection of the views of BSIR. 

If you wish to view the BSIR ASM 2020 Meeting programme, please click here.

BSIR ASM 2020 Scientific Sessions

BSIR ASM 2020 Plenary Sessions

BSIR ASM 2020 State of the Art Sessions

BSIR ASM 2020 Miscellaneous Sessions

BSIR ASM 2020 Special Interest Committee Sessions

BSIR ASM 2020 Industry Partners Sessions

BSIR ASM 2020 Wattie Fletcher Lecture


BSIR ASM 2020 Gold Medal Presentation


Below are some interviews between BSIR Committee Members and Faculty, discussing the areas of the BSIR ASM 2020 Programme they are most looking forward to. 







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