BSIR ASM 2019 Presentation Recordings

State of the Art 1: Vascular (Thoracic)

Plenary 1: Interventional Oncology

BVM Led Symposium: Why Diversity in Interventional Radiology?

Plenary 2: Stroke Thrombectomy

SIRNR Session

BSIR Session 1: Fostering Diversity & Talent in Interventional Radiology

State of the Art 2: Interventional Oncology

Plenary 3: Orbital Vascular Malformation

State of the Art 3: The Key to Unlock the Myth of NHS Reimbursement: Understanding Clinical Coding in IR

BSIR Session 2: Morbidity and Mortality 

BSIR Debate

Plenary 4: IR Service Delivery - Leading the Change & Innovation

Boston Scientific: Pharmacomechanical Thrombectomy an ATTRACTive proposition

BSIR Session 4: Registry & Audit Update

BSIR Session 5: Complex IR Cases Panels

Live Cases: Vascular and IO


BSIR Session 7

Trial Update

Fundamentals 4

BTG: Cryoablation of Lung Tumours

BSIRT Session 3: Fellowships - Advice & Experiences

Plenary 7: Effective Team Working: How do we Learn from 'Errors'?

Plenary 8: Paediatric Interventional Radiology

State of the Art 4: Recent Advances

BSIR Session 8: BSIR Communication