BSIR ASM 2018 Presentation Recordings

State of the Art 1: IR in Trauma

Management algorithms for bleeding in abdominal trauma - Mr Giles Bond-Smith

Embolisation in solid organ trauma - current concepts - Prof Charles Ray Jr

Plenary 1: Transarterial Chemoembolisation

Industry Symposium 1: BVM: New Medical Device Regulations

The Impact on British device manufacturers and distributors - Mr Graham Milward

The Role of MHRA - Dr Neil McGuire Jr

SIRNR Symposium

Expectations of an Advanced Practitioner - Prof Beverly Snaith

Pain Management - Ms Katharine Forsyth

Developing Advanced Practice Services - Ms Svetlana Vasileuskaya

Business Cases & Vascular Access - Ms Sarah Locker

Plenary 2: Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair

Fenestrated EVAR: do long term outcomes outweigh the risk to visceral vessels - Dr Trevor Cleveland

Short angulated necks: pushing the boundaries of Infrarenal EVAR - Dr Rob Williams

Fostering Diversity & Talent in IR

Radiation Dose and Pregnancy in IR: Demystify the Misconceptions - Mr Andy Rogers

Medical Schools: How do we inspire our next generation of IR recruits? - Dr Fatemeh Sakhinia

Mentoring talent - Dr Rebecca Black

State of the Art 2: GI Bleed

Diagnosis and management options for lower GI Bleed - Dr Kate Oakland

Embolisation for Lower GI Bleed - Prof Charles Ray Jr

Plenary 3: Liver Regeneration Stratorgies in IO: Portal Vein Embolsation for lower GI Bleed

State of the Art 3: The Changing Face of Oesophageal Stenting & Colonic Stenting

Morbidity & Mortality

BSIR Debate: Nice Guidelines: Outdated?

Fundamentals 1: TIPSS

Service Delivery: The Way Forward

Influencing Change - Dr Claire O'Donnell

Turf Battles: the North American solution! - Prof Charles Ray Jr


Industy Symposium 2: Boston Scientific 

Drug Eluting Therapy in the SFA: An Update of the evidence with an algorithm for treatment - Dr Ounali Jaffer

Results of the 1st RCT comparing a Drug-Eluting vs a Drug coated stent for the SFA - Dr Juan Diaz-Cartelle


Plenary 5: Peripheral Angioplasty; Current Evidence

Newer technologies for below the knee treatment - Dr Joo Young Chun


Role of endovascular revascularisation in the upper limb - Dr Dare Seriki

Plenary 6: IVC Filters

Filters: the current evidence - Dr Raman Uberoi

Filter retrieval: tips, tricks and complications - Dr Lakshmi Ratnam

Filters: the current practise in the UK - Dr Said Habib

Urology Round Table

BSIR - Registry & Audit Update: NVR

BSIR Snapshot Survey 2018

Plenary 7: Fistula Intervention

Drug eluting technology in fistula intervention: current evidence - Dr Narayan Karunanithy

Central venous occlusions: Tips, tricks and complications - Dr Chris Hammond

Plenary 8: Malformations

State-of-the-Art 4: Prostate Embolisation

Prostate Embolisation: the current evidence - Dr Tarun Sabhawal

Understanding the prostate vascular anatomy - Dr Ross Tapping

Embolisation: Tips, tricks and complications - Dr Tim Bryant

State-of-the-Art 5:NHS Future Operating Model