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BSIR Venous Registry Press Release

Created - 30.11.2021

BSIR  is pleased to announce that the BSIR venous registry has now been relaunched and it is again possible to enter patient data. This registry is intended to capture data on venous interventions, primarily for the treatment of lower limb DVT.

NICE IPG651 (2019) recommends that the details of all patients undergoing mechanical thrombectomy should be entered into the registry

Overview | Percutaneous mechanical thrombectomy for acute deep vein thrombosis of the leg | Guidance | NICE

You will need to request new user access. Links to obtain these are included below and are also available on the BSIR and VS websites. The registry is run by Netsolving via the Casecapture platform

BSIR Venous Registry | BSIR

 News - Vascular Society

Direct access to the registry


The registry was suspended to resolve and clarify patient consent for data retention. That process has now been completed. Further details are available on the BSIR website. The consent forms and patient information leaflets are available to download from the BSIR, VS and Casecapture websites.

BSIR Registries & Audit committee

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