News and Updates (March 2020)

Letter from Dr Ian McCafferty and Dr Phil Haslam

There has been a lot of discussion within departments and on social media, within a number of allied BSIR groups regarding the correct advice for PPE in Interventional radiology theatres for image guided surgical procedures. We have produced a number of guidance documents to try and give a balanced view but there still exists anxiety and differing implementation within Trusts. read more..

BSIR guidance regarding PPE use in IR in patients proven or suspected of COVID-19 Infection 27th March 2020

The following is some guidance on the type of PPE that should be used when performing procedures on patients with suspected or proven COVID-19 infection. This has been compiled from documents produced by the WHO, Centre of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Public Health England (PHE) and American Society of Interventional Radiologists (SIR). read more..


Given the importance of protecting healthcare workers during the pandemic, the BSIR is releasing guidance for Interventional Radiologists (IR’s) to help plan for the management of IR during the COVID-19 pandemic and deal with Covid-19 positive patients. This is a rapidly changing situation, and information will be updated as new information is released. read more..

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