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Due to EUCOMED/MedTech rules introduced in 2018, constraints have been put on medical companies sponsoring individual delegates via direct sponsorship to attend scientific meetings, which includes BSIR. For more information on the new EUCOMED/MedTech Europe rules and how it affects you, please click the link below:

EUCOMED/MedTech Europe Rules

In the first instance, delegates should apply for study leave expenses and/or directly to the medical company of their choice for an educational grant. For those that are unsuccessful in obtaining funding via these routes, the BSIR have a very finite educational grant fund to administer to delegates that fulfill the below criteria.



  • Applicants MUST be a BSIR/SIRNR member in good standing.
  • Applicants must make all efforts to obtain funding via, but not limited to, study leave expenses and/or educational grants provided by sponsoring medical companies.
  • Written acknowledgement from Head of Department, Clinical Director or Line Manager, to show that study leave expenses have been requested and denied or unavailable, should be submitted with this application.
  • If written acknowledgement cannot be submitted with this application, then please provide a name and email of the relevant senior figure that has made the decision when submitting this application.
  • Provide any other document that shows you, the applicant, has made every effort to obtain funding via other means, including unsuccessful educational grant applications to sponsoring companies.
  • Please consider before making your application that the BSIR educational grant fund is finite and not every applicant will be successful. If you feel that you are in the financial position to self-fund to attend this meeting, then please do so. The costs of attending the meeting are tax-deductible and will lower your personal taxable income.
  • If you feel that you meet all of the above criteria, then please complete the online form, check the declaration and upload supporting documents.
  • All queries to:


  • Accommodation MUST be booked via the BSIR hotel agent, Glasgow Convention Bureau and successful applicants will be reimbursed on production of original receipts. You will be awarded £100 per night, for a maximum of 3 nights.  
  • Economy travel should be booked, and expenses submitted for reimbursement. A Travel Award will be reimbursed up to a maximum of £150.
  • Proof of attendance at meeting is required and attendance will be confirmed via QR Code Scanner.

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