TERUMO Interventional Scholarships - Winners 2015

The standard of case presentation for this year's Terumo scholarship was very high with a wide variety of vascular and non-vascular cases submitted. The Education committee individually scored each presentation and two clear winners were awarded the scholarship at the BSIR ASM dinner. They will each receive sponsorship to attend the LINC meeting in January 2016.

They are:-

Dr Usman Raja -  Mid-gut stenting: a transhepatic approach

Dr Kelvin Tan - Treatment of central venous catheter insertion injury: the endovascular approach



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Testimonials from Winners 2015

The winning entries this year were ' Mid-gut stenting: a transhepatic approach’ Dr. Usman Raja, Interventional Radiology Fellow, Imperial College London and  Treatment of central venous catheter insertion injury: the endovascular approach' Dr. Kelvin Tan, Interventional Radiology Fellow, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.


Kelvin Tan's Testimonial:

The Terumo Interventional Scholarship was my golden ticket to attend LINC 2016. It was my first time and I was extremely excited. The meeting was amazing. I have witnessed so many live cases and learnt a bag full of new tricks to take home. The round table discussions were very useful. It provided great insights from all the experts from around the world. It was also an opportunity to meet other IR people from the continent, US and Far East. I would have no hesitation in recommended this meeting to fellow interventionists. Thank you to Terumo for sponsoring IR fellow to this cutting edge meeting.

Usman Raja Testimonial:

 LINC 2016 was a unique experience that offered a blend of the most up to date evidence-based approaches balanced with expert opinions and scientific discussion forums on vascular intervention from across Europe. This was complemented by multiple often quite inspiring live cases which the audience could tune into at will. Overall, this was a superbly organised event that enabled me to gain insight into practices across multiple major hospitals within a short space of time and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to attend in the company of a great Terumo team.

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Testimonials from Winners 2013

"The Terumo fellowship gave me a golden opportunity to attend LINC 1014 for the first time.

This conference was a dynamic, eye- catching and innovative conference which enabled me to consolidate and acquire cutting edge interventional radiology knowledge.

The live cases were particularly novel and I found them to be the main attraction of the whole conference.

I would thoroughly recommend this conference to all interventional radiologists, so that they can experience this high quality and extremely well organised conference for themselves."

Dr Aneeta Parthipun, Winner of the Terumo Interventional Scholarship 2014  


"LINC 2014 was brilliant! The live cases are a unique learning experience. Within a few seconds, I was transported from my seat into IR rooms around the world and scrubbed in with the experts. The presentations, technical forums and panel discussions were relevant, cutting edge and thought provoking. I left LINC with a bag full of tips, tricks and I am still buzzing!"

Dr Rajeev Ravi, Winner of the Terumo Interventional Scholarship 2014




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