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Standing Committees

The key functions of the society are supported by the Standing Committees.  Elections are held each year for new members and all members of the society are eligible to stand.  Each member of the committee serves a three year term.  Past chairs sit as ex officio members of the committee for one further year to maintain continuity.

Standing Committees 2017 - 2018

Education Committee   Rajesh Bhat (Chair)
    Mo Hamady
    Nadeem Shaida
    Timothy Bryant (Past Chair)
Membership & Rules Committee   Peter Littler (Chair)
    David Hinwood
    Athanasios Pantos
    Dinuke Warakaulie (Past Chair)
Registries & Audit Committee   Charles Ross Tapping (Chair)
    Anthie Maria Papadopoulou
    Robin Williams
    Said Habib (Past Chair)
Scientific Programme Committee   Tze Min Wah (Chair)
    Lakshmi Arumugam Ratnam
    Lakshminarayan Raghuram
    Raghuram Lakshminarayan (Past Chair)
Communications Committee   Richard Miles (Chair)
    David Maudgil
    Alex Barnacle
    Hilary White (Past Chair)
Safety & Quality Committee   Teik Choon See (Chair)
    Andrew G Hatrick
    Julian Atchley

Raj Das

    Marie Nixon (SIRNR Rep)

Jon Bell (Past Chair)

Women & Diversity Committee    Tze Min Wah & Fiona Miller (Joint Chair)
    Ros Ahmad
    Elika Kashef
    Shilpi Pal
    Alex Barnacle - co-opted
                                    Raman Uberoi - co-opted
                                                        Junior Members to be elected July 2019

Professor Anna Maria Belli Travelling Grant

Please click here to view the objectives and criteria for the Professor Anna Maria Belli Travelling Grant.                                      


If you wish to contact any committee members, please email council@bsir.org in the first instance.