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Dear BSIR members, 

I wanted to wish all of you the best over this unprecedented time with the Covid-19 pandemic in your departments. I know you are all working exceptional hard to provide IR services in these trying times.

To try and help support you, BSIR council (after discussion with a number of experts) has put together some advice regarding IR during these times. These are suggestions of actions that may help you plan your service. They are based on the experience of a number of centres, SIR and CIRSE statements. Please use them as you see fit.

We are a small highly specialised group of individuals with unique skills to help deal with a range of emergencies. It is likely, in the near future, when surgical options will be severely restricted due to lack of ventilators and anaesthetists our skills will be tested.  We need to factor this in when making plans and remember that this is likely to last 3-4 months.

Please stay safe, relax and keep up communications. We are happy to be contacted whenever you feel necessary.

Kind regards

Ian McCafferty

President BSIR 

COVID-19 Resource page

Interim guidance on restarting elective work in COVID-19