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  1. BSIR Membership Fee Increase 2021 & 2022

BSIR Membership Fee Increase 2021 & 2022

Dear BSIR Members,

As reported at the AGM on Thursday 26th November 2020 a membership graded rise will be implemented in 2021 and complete in 2022.     

 The membership fee has not been increased for over a decade (nearly 2) and has never been adjusted to the annual inflation rate.

Subscription BSIR pay to CIRSE for Group membership will also increase substantially in 2022.

Over the past few years we have increased the portfolio of services available on the website for free. We are developing the website as an educational platform for membership and industry with webinars freely available and educational videos. 

We have a close relationship with the RCR and work with them to issue advice and guidance that is essential for the membership. We also have plans to improve the ability to communicate with our members directly for advice and help.

We believe there are significant benefits of BSIR Membership:

·  Access to the website

·  Access to BSIR webinars

·  Educational Content

·  Advice and guidance documents e.g. POIRS

·  Eligible to apply for the BSIR Educational Grants

·  A strong voice within the RCR

·  BSIR Newsletter

·  CIRSE Membership (individual membership - €300)

·  Access to discount for meetings APC, IOUK, PIR, ASM

·  IR procedural database / registries


Membership Category


From 01/04/2021


From 01/04/2022


Full (Consultants)






Corresponding (consutants

Residing abroad)




Junior (Trainees)






Direct Debits will automatically increase from 05/04/2021 and 05/04/2022.

BSIR are now asking all members (except those residing outside of the UK) to process their membership payment via direct debit:

  • if you still pay via standing order please ensure you cancel your instruction with your bank/building society and contact Julie Ellison at admin@bsir.org to arrange a direct debit mandate
  • if you make payment via the online payment system please contact Julie Ellison at admin@bsir.org to arrange a direct debit mandate at least one month before your online payment is due so a direct debit mandate can be set up and processed in time for your membership renewal date.

Ian McCafferty

BSIR President                                  

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