UK-ROPE (Registry of Prostate Embolisation)

Update November 2016.

UK-ROPE closed for new patients at the end of January 2016. Over 200 PAE patients and 100 surgical patients were recruited so well done to all participating centres.

All data is being entered on to the Dendrite on-line database by either the research nurses or clinicians which makes data capture and follow up available to all members of each team and encourages full follow up out to 12 months.

Surgical patient recruitment for TURP and HoLEP was rather slow, but a six month extension from the initial planned close date in summer 2015 achieved the necessary numbers.

UK-ROPE received full National R&D approval, National IRAS approval and is on the NIHR portfolio which has allowed the use of participating Trust Research nurses in all units.

20 joint IR and surgical centres underwent formal PAE training in Portugal (6 sites) and then Southampton (14 sites) followed by proctoring for 2-3 occasions by IRs from Lisbon or Southampton.

The UK-ROPE committee once again apologizes to any other centres who did not for various reasons get selected to be part of UK-ROPE, but encourages these centres to look at their own ‘research studies’ to strengthen the evidence to be reviewed by NICE, hopefully by the end of 2017.

This study has been made possible by funding from NICE, BSIR and BAUS and a generous grant from Cook Medical to cover incidental costs for 8 of the 20 centres. Funding for the other 12 centres has come in the shape of successful research grants or local funding arrangements.

Data is being collected and collated by CEDAR, the Cardiff University based Medical Technology unit as well as all the participating centres and entered on to a dedicated Dendrite on-line database.

A patient information leaflet has been produced and can be downloaded from the BSIR website and amended to include each hospital’s details and logo.

CEDAR provided all the study information packs and consent forms etc and can be contacted through Dr Alistair Ray (

Good luck  to all participating centres in gaining complete follow up in all cases. This is an onerous task and places great pressures on both IR and Urology departments, but this follow up data is vital. UK-ROPE should complete its data collection by in early 2017. 

Initial recruitment and safety data was presented at CIRSE, ESIR and at BSIR conferences in 2016 and is available on their websites.

An initial paper detailing Registry set up and recruitment is in preparation and the final report is being coordinated by CEDAR and will be presented and published in 2017

Dr Nigel Hacking 

Chairman and clinical lead for the UK-ROPE Standing Committee


  1. The UK ROPE Study

The UK ROPE Study

The UK ROPE Study: efficacy and safety of prostate artery embolisation for benign prostatic hyperplasia. An observational study and propensity matched comparison with transurethral resection of the prostate

A F Ray J Powell M J Speakman N T Longford R DasGupta T Bryant S Modi J Dyer M Harris G Carolan‐Rees N Hacking

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