BSIR Registries

This is the BSIR registries home page.

BSIR is committed to providing and supporting national registries of interventional radiology procedures. Some of these are funded and managed directly by the BSIR. Others are collaborations with other specialist societies, reflecting the multi-disciplinary nature of our work.

These registries provide the opportunity to gather and analyse a large volume of data better to inform our practice. Benefits of the registries include:

  • Improved understanding of the benefits and risks of specific procedures and devices.
  • Provision of confidential comparative data so that individuals and departments can compare their performance with national standards.
  • Providing comparative data to commissioners and providers of health care on the high standards and the quality of interventional practice in the UK.
  • To provide data for contributors allowing them to comply with local and national requirements for appraisal and be ready for revalidation.

The Registries are now available through the menu options on the left. For the My Dendrite system there are two links per registry, one works from within the NHS N3 network when accessing the system from your workplace, using this link will give you a better access speed. The other link is for outside the NHS network such as your home PC.

Please note: For some browsers the Dendrite system is reporting problems with the browser version, in most cases, if you click the OK button the system functions normally.

SIRT Registries

These are functioning on a seperate system, you can find further information about this regisry through the menu option to the left of this page.

Please report any problems to stating your name, email address and the problem you have encountered.