Meeting: BSIR ASM 2020

Meeting Date: 2nd - 4th December 2020

Location: SEC, Exhibition Way, Glasgow G3 8YW




The BSIR Abstract Submission System is designed to allow our members and anyone with an interest in IR or corresponding field to submit relevant work/research in the form of an abstract with the aim to then present said work at our Annual Scientific Meeting. Mirroring the previous year’s format, there are several categories to submit with:

  • Oral presentation - 6 categories
  • Scientific poster presentation 
  • Educational poster presentation 

Submitting an abstract is a great opportunity to present and share your scientific work so please consider submitting your work or encourage your colleagues and departmental health care professionals to consider submitting. 


Case Study/Essay

We also accept and encourange Case Study and Essay submissions for those looking to obtain a BSIR funded Scholarship to attned our ASM. (Please note: all members will be notified via email when the case study and essay submission system is open)



To submit content for consideration or for more information, please select your content type:

Before submitting content, please read our BSIR ASM 2020 - Abstract Submission Information



Please ensure your submissions are received before midnight on:

Scientific/Educational Abstracts

   31st March 2020

Case Study Scholarship


Essay Scholarship


We look forward to receiving your submission!