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BSIR 2021 ASM Scientific Sessions


Scientific Session 1 –Wednesday 8th December 2021, 11:30 – 12:30 – Aortic, Visceral & Major Venous Intervention

Session Chairs: Dr Andrew wood & Dr Anton Collins:

OP002748 - Endovascular stenting in superior vena cava syndrome: a systematic review and meta-analysis – Eri Aung

OP002735 - Percutaneous catheter directed therapy for massive and submassive pulmonary embolism: Retrospective review of a single UK centre experience – Amy Greenwood

SPOP002823 - Single operator experience using sharp recanalisation in patients with central venous occlusion – Tim Fotheringham

SPOP002794 - Clinical and aortic remodelling outcomes following endovascular repair or conservative treatment of blunt thoracic aortic injury – Jim Zhong

SPOP002762 - OnyxTM cast fragmentation after embolization of endoleaks – Christopher Keegan

SPOP002805 - Viabahn VBX endoprosthesis in aortic and peripheral vascular interventions - early to mid-term results – Bibin Sebastian

Scientific Session 2 – Wednesday 8th December 2021, 11:30 – 12:30 – Interventional Oncology

Session Chairs: Dr Elizabeth O’Grady & Dr Nadeem Shaida:

SPOP002767 - Multi-modal Image Guided Ablation on Management of Renal Cancer in Von-Hippel-Lindau Syndrome Patients from 2004-2021 at a Specialist Centre: A Longitudinal Observational Study – Vinson Wai-Shun Chan

OP002898 - The relevance of renograms in malignant hydronephrosis – Damian Mullan

OP002868 - Percutaneous thermal ablation of breast cancer liver metastases; safety, recurrence rate and factors affecting progression free survival. – Joost Lameijer

SPOP001779 - Percutaneous Cryoablation and Radio-frequency Ablation versus Partial Nephrectomy for Small Renal Rell Rarcinomas: A Ten-years, Single Centre Retrospective Cohort Study – Filzah Hanis Osman

SPOP002808 - The Changing Trends of image Guided Biopsy of Small Renal Masses before intervention- An Analysis of European Multinational Prospective EuRECA Registry – Vinson Wai-Shun Chan

SPOP002717 - Learning the hard way: A retrospective study of 318 percutaneous renal ablation sessions in a tertiary care centre – Mahmoud Abou-foul

Scientific Session 3 – Thursday 9th December 2021, 11:00 – 12:00 – Peripheral Vascular Intervention

Session Chairs: Dr Kate Waters & Dr Colin Nice:

OP002825 - Ultrasound guided sciatic nerve block to facilitate endovascular treatment of critical limb ischaemia – Dhiraj Joshi

OP002754 - The Outcomes of Catheter-Directed Thrombolysis in the Treatment of Thrombosed Haemodialysis Access Sites – Thomas Ashbridge

SPOP2886 - Validation of Mixed Reality Visualisation for Clinical Skills Development. – Savvas Antoniadis

SPOP002765 - The Effect of COVID-19 on Admission, Severity and Outcomes in Acute Lower Limb Arterial Thromboembolism – Fahad Mohammad

SPOP002799 - The impact of plantar arch patency on crural vessel angioplasty outcomes. – Praveena Priyadharsini Prabakaran

SPOP002837 - Does an endovascular first approach compromise salvage in patients presenting with mesenteric angina. – Keith Hussey

Scientific Session 4 – Thursday 9th December 2021, 11:00 – 12:00 – GI/ Hepatobiliary/Genitourinary

Session Chairs: Dr Praveen Peddu & Dr Guy Hickson:

OP002901 - Outcome evaluation of prophylactic internal iliac balloon occlusion in the management of patients with morbidly adherent placenta – Asaad Osman

OP002786 - Post-radiation strictures after curative treatment for oesophageal cancer: First experience of a centralised regional service. – Hans-Ulrich Laasch

OP002709 - An Innovative Ultrasound Biopsy Device to Enhance the Visualisation  of the Biopsy Needle For Ultrasound Guided Procedures – Dr Arash Bakhtyari

OP002812 - Comparison of percutaneous biliary stent placement across vs. above the ampulla of Vater in malignant hilar obstruction. A retrospective single centre study. – Ahmad Al-Rekabi

SPOP002728 - Percutaneous Biliary Stone Clearance. Is There Still A Need? A 10-year Single Centre Experience. – Yakup Kilic

SPOP002820 - Percutaneous nephrostomy and ureteric stenting in obstructing pelvic malignancy. Is it justified? Interim analysis from the Scottish Cancer Network – Oliver Llewellyn

Scientific Session 5 – Friday 10th December 2021, 10:15 – 11:15 – Farrago

Session Chairs: Dr Simon Travis & Pavan Najran:

OP002793 - BSIR Snapshot Survey 2021 – Katrina Harborne

OP002782 - Safety of EEG-guided procedural sedation. – Hans-Ulrich Laarsch

SPOP002852 - Radial versus Femoral Prostate Artery Embolisation: Big Difference? – Simon Zakeri

SPOP002726 - The financial impact of correct clinical coding in the Interventional Radiology department – Varsha Halai

SPOP002869 - Is there really no kit for kids? Quantification of manufacturer recommendations regarding paediatric use for high volume IR devices – Ruchir Shah

SPOP002752 - Optimising access and provision of Interventional Radiology service to patients by utilising a new referral system – Iakovos Theodoulou

Scientific Session 6 – Friday 10th December 2021, 10:15 – 11:15 – Embolisation

Session Chairs: Dr Richard Miles & Dr Raj Bhat:

OP002824 - Uterine artery embolisation for giant fibroids: does it work? – Bahir Almazedi

SPOP002880 - Early experience and outcomes of prostate artery embolisation (PAE) services in a tertiary referral centre. – Vinay Kumar Doddaballapur

SPOP002858 - Accuracy of contrast-enhanced CT in diagnosing vascular injury in patients with blunt splenic trauma who underwent angiography – Nawaz Safdar

SPOP002903 - Successful radiological management of active muscular bleeding following surgical hip procedures – Alexander Macaulay

SPOP2791 - Splenic Embolisition and Factors Affecting Delay (SPEED) – Paul Jenkins

SP002873 - A Retrospective Review of Trauma Patients with Solid Organ Injury Requiring Embolisation – Bhavin Kawa