Meetings & Webinars

The BSIR and Education committee have produced a series of educational webinars for BSIR members.
The recordings are in the Learning Zone of the BSIR home page You will need to log in with username and password to access this area

The BSIRt tasteIR webinars are also available to view in the Trainee section of the website.

Recordings of webinars are available in the Learning Zone, Education and Webinar section - CLICK HERE . Please note these are restricted to BSIR members so you must log on to site with username and password. 

Week 1: Endovascular Aortic Repair :Planning, decision making, equipment choice and troubleshooting for intra procedure difficulties  

Week 2:  IR in Trauma; top tips and tricks and learned lessons! 

Week 3:  IR of Gastrointestinal Haemorrhage   

Week 4:  PAD 1 - Femoropopliteal 

Week 5: PTC Biliary Intervention  

Week 6: rEVAR 

Week 7: Nephrostomy & Ureteric Stents

Week 8: PAD II - Infrapoliteal and Pedal Arch

Week  9: Endovascular management of endoleaks Type I and II

Week 10: PAD III - Advanced Endovascular Techniques in PAD

Week 11: Palliative and Disease Modifying for Interventional Oncology (IO)

Week 12: Hot Topics in Intervention for dialysis vascular access – Why, When & How 

Week 13: PAD Part IV - Acute Limb Ischaemia