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Representative for The NICE Interventional Procedures Advisory Committee

Created - 03.03.2014



NICE seeks new members for its

Interventional Procedures Advisory Committee


The Interventional Procedures Advisory Committee (IPAC) draws on the best research evidence available to advise NICE on the safety and efficacy of new interventional procedures, such as new surgical, endoscopic and radiological techniques.  NICE uses the recommendations of IPAC as the basis for its guidance on new interventional procedures to the NHS in the whole of the UK.

We are looking to appoint 1 new committee member as follows:

  • Interventional radiologist

Members of the committee are drawn from the NHS, healthcare professionals, patients and carers, industry and the academic world.  They do not represent their organisations but are selected for their expertise and judgment.

Prospective members will need the following skills, qualities and level of commitment:

·                     Ability to assess evidence on the safety and efficacy of new interventional procedures

·                     Judgement to engage in balanced considerations of issues of safety and efficacy

·                     Confidence to make difficult decisions – sometimes in the absence of conclusive evidence

·                     Willingness to contribute actively to Committee discussions

·                     Time to attend regular Committee meetings and read substantial papers between meetings. 

The criteria for selection will be:

·         Extent and nature of committee experience: higher relative score for more frequent contribution to committee work, and undertaking such work in escalating (local to national) settings;

·         Ability to contribute to the work of the advisory body: assessed by considering the relevance of the professional or lay experience of the candidate to the work of the advisory body (where appropriate, the particular role on the advisory body), with a higher score given to greater frequency and relevance;

·         Nature and degree of motivation underpinning the application: assessed through a review of the covering statement, with a higher score awarded for more clearly articulated reasoning for applying for membership, and for reasons based on the desire to make a contribution to the general good, rather than for personal enrichment or career enhancement (although these may also be legitimate reasons for applying).


Time commitment and conditions:  Committee members attend eleven day-long Committee meetings per year as well as an annual awayday and occasional training.  IPAC meetings are held in central London or, less frequently, in central Manchester, on a Thursday or Friday.  Dates are made available up to a year in advance.  Meetings of the Committee are held in public (further information available at) http://www.nice.org.uk/newsroom/publicmeetings/IPAC.jsp


Committee membership is unpaid, although expenses, including overnight accommodation, are paid.  The period of membership is for three years from appointment.

Equality and diversity: NICE aims to promote a culture of equality and diversity. It aims to ensure equality of opportunity in that no applicant for Interventional Procedures Advisory Committee membership receives less favorable treatment on the grounds of (but not limited to) sex, race, colour, religion, marital status, sexuality, age, ethnic origin, or disability or is not placed at a disadvantage by conditions or requirements which cannot be shown to be justifiable. The Institute will also aim to create a diverse membership and promote equality including race equality, by eliminating discrimination, harassment and victimisation.



For further information about what the role involves and how to apply, please follow the link to the NICE website:

NICE seeks new members for its Interventional Procedures Advisory Committee


Closing date 17:00 Monday 24th March 2014


Applications should be returned to nicholas.aldridge@nice.org.uk or by post to:

Nick Aldridge

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)

Level 1A, City Tower

Manchester, M1 4BD


For further information about any of these positions please contact; Ms Sally Compton, Programme Manager – Interventional Procedures Programme (020 7045 2391) sally.compton@nice.org.uk.

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