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Mechanical Thrombectomy for Ischaemic Stroke

Created - 26.01.2018

Training to deliver mechanical thrombectomy

In order to achieve the desired delivery of a 24/7 service in MT across England, the number of operators capable of contributing to MT services needs to expand more rapidly than will be achieved by current INR trainee numbers. This means training other specialists to perform MT.

The British Society of Neuroradiologists (BSNR) has produced “Training guidance for mechanical thrombectomy” (Lenthall R, McConachie N, White P, Clifton A, Rowland-Hill C. BSNR training guidance for mechanical thrombectomy. Clin Radiol 2017; 72(2): 175.e11–175.e18.) which details the training that will be required for practitioners from different clinical backgrounds to achieve the necessary skills and experience to effectively contribute to the acute stroke service. This guidance will underpin all routes to increasing the workforce.


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