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BSIR/BSIRT Elections 2017

Created - 05.06.2017

Dear Member,

BSIR NOMINATIONS deadline now extended to Friday 9th June 2017.

The BSIR elections have now been extended until midnight on Friday 9th June. Please consider putting your selves or encouraging colleagues to put themselves forward for these important elections.

For further information please visit links below:

BSIR Council Officers' Elections: http://www.bsir.org/society/bsir-council-officers-elections-2017/

BSIR Sub Committee Elections: http://www.bsir.org/society/bsir-subcommittee-elections-2017/

BSIRT Elections: http://www.bsir.org/bsirt/bsirt-elections-2017/

BSIRT Foundation Year / Medical Student Representative Elections: http://www.bsir.org/bsirt/bsirt-foundation-doctor-y12-medical-student-representative-elections-2017/


Julie Ellison



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