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Created - 29.07.2022

In order to be a part of this searchable database, you need to input your details as you'd like them to appear (these are not the same details held by the BSIR for membership).

To be included in the Search Engine:
1. Login to www.bsir.org
2. In the My Locker section click My Account
3. Click Update Searchable Data Preferences
4. Chose if you want your data to be available to the Public, BSIR Members or just to BSIR Council/Committees
5. Fill out your details as you want them to appear in the Searchable Database (remembering if you chose it to be public, everyone can see the details you enter!)
6. Tick the box to agree to the Terms and Conditions/Privacy Policies of the BSIR
7. Check the boxes to indicate which procedures you do (adult/paeds) and whether you'd be willing to talk on each procedure
8. Click Submit and you will then be visible within the Searchable Database which can be accessed from the homepage by clicking "Search for an IR doctor" at the top of the page or here:

All the best,
Neil Gupta
Membership & Rules Committee

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