New EUCOMED/MedTechEurope rules: This will affect you!

26th Sep 2016 to 31st Dec 2017

New EUCOMED/MedTechEurope rules: This will affect you!

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EUCOMED/MedTech Europe Guidance on Company Sponsorship for IRs to attend educational meetings.

What: This guidance may affect the ability of industry to sponsor individuals – i.e. you – to attend educational meetings.

When: This is in transition beginning on Jan 1st 2016 and has to be in place for members of MedTech Europe (Previously EUCOMED)/ABHI by December 31st 2017.

What should I do: Potentially this will make it more difficult to attend educational meetings if you need industry support to do so.

Companies may be able to indirectly sponsor individuals by providing educational grants to organisations- such as your Trust – who can then manage the use of the grant to support attendance at educational activities from your department.

You should consider setting up arrangements for management of such grants with the finance department of your trust.

If you are invited to attend a specific training event for an IR technique or device the host company will probably still be able to invite and pay for you to attend.

If you are asked to present at a meeting by a company then they may be able to support you in so doing with an honorarium and payment to attend the meeting- subject to your individual Trust’s declaration of gifts and honorarium rules.




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