Learning Zone

The following 4 talks were given at the BSIR meeting in Bournemouth in 2012 in conjunction with the BSIR patient safety film 'The system'.

Radiology checklist : implementation and does it work . Dr Steve De-Souza


71-bsir141112-treg-0900i from BSIR on Vimeo.

Lessons from the air       Mr Guy Hirst

72-bsir141112-treg-0900ii from BSIR on Vimeo.

What is the problem, here is a solution – ‘The Journey’  and ‘The  System’ ?   Mr Tony Giddings 


73-bsir141112-treg-0900iii from BSIR on Vimeo.

What you can do      Professor Jon Moss/Dr Iain Robertson

74-bsir141112-treg-0900iv from BSIR on Vimeo.