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BSIR ASM 2019 
Day One - Wednesday 13th November

State of the Art 1: Vascular (Thoracic)

  • Treatment of Uncomplicated Type B Dissection: Findings & Consensus - Dr Kiang Hiong Tay
  • Strategies to Reduce Risks of Spinal Cord Ischaemia in the Treatment of Aortic Disease - Prof Ajay Chavan

Plenary 1: Interventional Oncology

  • Interventional Oncology - The Current Status - Prof Matthew Callstrom

Scientific Session 1: Aortic, Visceral & Major Venous Intervention 

  • Sharp Recanalisation of Central Vein Occlusions in the Thorax: Experience from a Tertiary Centre - Callum Stove
  • Endovascular management of Mycotic Aortic Aneurysms- A 20-year experience from a single UK centre - Sapna Puppala
  • Why we should embolise the branches in type II Endoleak embolisation? - Tze Yuan Chan
  • Inferior Mesenteric Artery associated type II Endoleaks - Are they predictable? - Asaad Osman
  • Re-audit and 5 year experience of IVC filter retrieval rates at a UK teaching hospital - James Davies
  • Are We Good Enough? - A 11 Year Review Of EndoVascular Aneurysmal Repair (EVAR) Outcome In A Low Volume Centre Within United Kingdom - Fiona Lyall

Scientific Session 2: Interventional Oncology 

  • Targeted interventional therapies in Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Comprehensive imaging based analysis of disease outcome and prognostic factors affecting local tumor control - Maimoona Siddique
  • Use of ultrasound only for cryoablation guidance: initial experience - Alex Barnacle
  • The value of renal mass biopsy before percutaneous cryoablation: Shall we wait for the results? - Matthew Morgan
  • Reducing Organ Motion During Interventional Radiology Procedures Using High Frequency Jet Ventilation - Arameh Aghababaie
  • Post-ablation syndrome following percutaneous thermal pulmonary ablation: A prospective study - Amy Carter
  • The effect of tumour devascularisation following chemoembolisation and impact on survival in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma - Callum Stove

Corporate Symposium 1

  • BVM Led Symposium: Why Diversity in Interventional Radiology? - Dr Hirschel Mcginnis

Wattie-Fletcher Lecture

  • GIRFT and IR- What is going on out there? - Dr Katharine Halliday

Plenary 2: Stroke Thrombectomy

  • Stroke Thrombectomy - A Step Wise Approach for the Vascular IR - Dr Peter Cowley
  • Working with Interventional Radiologists: The Hague Model - Dr Geert J. Lycklama á Nijeholt
  • Stroke thrombectomy: current evidence and future trends - Dr Aubrey Smith

SIRNR Session

  • SIRNR Symposium

BSIR Session 1: Fostering Diversity & Talent in Interventional Radiology

  • Nurturing Leadership in Interventional Radiology - Prof Tze Min Wah
  • The current state of training and is flexible training a myth? - Dr Victoria Burrows
  • BSIR Trainee Survey 2019 - Dr Fiona Lyall​
  • The Real Threat to Interventional Radiology - Dr Sam Chakraverty

State of the Art 2: Interventional Oncology

  • The Technological Evolution & Innovation in IO: Where are we Now? - Prof Fred Lee
  • The State of the Art IO Service Development: The Strasbourg Insight - Prof Afshin Gangi

Plenary 3: Orbital Vascular Malformation

  • The Clinical Picture - Mrs Sri Gore
  • How to Diagnose & Treat Orbital Vascular Malformations - Dr Alex Barnacle

State of the Art 3: The Key to Unlock the Myth of NHS Reimbursement: Understanding Clinical Coding in IR

  • Clinical EWG Perspective - Dr Craig Jobling
  • HSCIC Perspective - Miss Jill Cockrill

BSIR Session 2: Morbidity and Mortality 

  • The Challenge Faced: East vs West - Dr Teik Choon See, Dr Peter Littler, Dr Kiang Hiong TayDr Alex Tang 


Day Two - Thursday 14th November

BSIR Debate

  • IR Empowering Stroke Thrombectomy? Pro - Dr Raghu Lakshminarayan Vs Against - Dr Robert Lenthall

Plenary 4: IR Service Delivery - Leading the Change & Innovation

  • Stepping out of the shadow: a look forward - Dr Trevor Cleveland
  • Entrepreneurship in IR - Prof Fred Lee

Scientific Session 3: Peripheral Vascular Intervention 

  • Carbon dioxide angiography in children - Premal Patel
  • Hepatic pseudoaneurysm formation after blunt and penetrating traumatic liver injury: a level 1 trauma centre experience - Elika Kashef
  • All cause mortality following the use of drug eluting technology in infrainguinal arterial disease: five year retrospective case series - Rosemary Cadwallader
  • PE risk stratification for patients presenting with an acute PE: audit of our current practice - Jonathan Jackson
  • Percutaneous Stenting of Malignant Occlusion of the Superior Mesenteric Vein in Midgut Neuroendocrine Tumours - Conrad von Stempel
  • Outcomes to aid clinical practice in iliac intervention - Callum Stove

Scientific Session 4: GI / Hepatobiliary / Genitourinary 

  • Safety, technical success and diagnostic accuracy of transjugular liver biopsy in adults and children with native and transplant livers - Priyan Tantrige
  • Portosystemic Shunt Embolisation: A Single-Centre Case Series - Sonal Tripath
  • Percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) outcomes in children less than three years old - Alex Barnacle
  • “Radial Force” of GI stents – lack of standards, understanding and transparency - Hans-Ulrich Laasch
  • Endovascular assessment and treatment of recurrent testicular varicoceles: technical and clinical outcomes - Clare Bent
  • Percutaneous Transhepatic Cholangiography (PTC) and Stenting: Comparison of Mortality at a Large Volume Tertiary Centre with the BSIR Biliary Stent Registry (BDSR) - Jonathan Smith

Corporate Symposium 3

Boston Scientific: Pharmacomechanical Thrombectomy an ATTRACTive proposition:

  • ATTRACT' perspective - Dr Narayan Karunanithy
  • NICE guidance - Dr Charles Tapping

Graham Plant Lecture 

  • Interventional Radiology - a 21st Century Speciality - Dr Raman Uberoi

BSIR Session 4: Registry & Audit Update

  • National Safety and Quality in Interventional Radiology: An Update - Dr Teik Choon See
  • A Map of Paeds IR Service Provision in United Kingdom - Dr Simon McGuirk
  • National Vascular Registry (NVR): An Update - Dr Fiona Miller
  • A snapshot survey on critical limb ischaemia - Dr Victoria Burrows

BSIR Session 5: Complex IR Cases Panels

  • Panel A: Dr Alex Tang, Dr Kiang Hiong Tay, Dr TC See, Dr Raghu Lakshminarayan
  • Panel B: Prof Afshin Gangi, Prof Fred Lee, Prof Matt Callstrom, Prof Ajay Chavan


BSIR ASM 2019 
Day Three - Friday 15th November

Live Cases: Vascular and IO

  • Dr Marco Manzi, Director in Interventional Radiology of the Abano Terme- Crural Angioplasty
  • Dr Antonio Gaetano Rampoldi, Medical director in Interventional Radiology of the Niguarda - Transarterial Chemoembolisation (TACE)


  • Cancer MDT: The Role of Loco-regional Therapy & Immunotherapy - Prof Afshin Gangi, Prof Fred Lee, Prof Matthew Callstrom. Dr Adel Samson

BSIR Session 7

  • Biliary Round Table -  Dr Clare Bent, Dr Sarah O’Shea, Miss Theodora Pissanou

Scientific Session 5: Farrago

  • How correct comorbidity coding can transform IR departmental income - Drew Maclean
  • Is the CIRSE curriculum for medical students implemented into UK medical school teaching programmes? - Krishan Odedra
  • Interventional Radiology Day Case Discharge Summaries: Are we meeting national standards? - John Sammut
  • Transient mydriasis: a previously unreported phenomenon associated with orbital sclerotherapy - Alex Barnacle
  • Variation of internal diameters and flow rates of percutaneous drainage catheters - Graham Milward
  • Meeting the challenge of Montgomery - David Flowers

Scientific Session 6: Embolisation

  • Prostate artery embolisation for benign prostate hyperplasia: mid to long term outcomes from a United Kingdom single-centre cohort - Kiran Reddy
  • Geniculate artEry embolisatioN in patiEnts with oSteoarthrItiS of the knee (GENESIS): Preliminary Results - James Briggs
  • Haemorrhage from pulmonary arteriovenous malformations during pregnancy. A case series - Ali Alsafi
  • Prophylactic embolisation of angiomyolipomas with absolute alcohol: a single centre experience - Matthew Seager
  • Comparing invasive and non-invasive analgesic protocols in uterine fibroid embolisation: a systematic review - Ahmed El- Zein
  • Final Results of the Optisphere Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) Study: a prospective study and multivariate analysis of a new, spherical, resorbable embolic agent - Drew Maclean

Trial Update

  • Paclitaxel Assisted Balloon Angioplasty of Venous Stenosis in Haemodialysis Access (PAVE) Trial: An Update - Dr Michael Robson
  • Percutaneous Hepatic Perfusion in Patients With Hepatic-dominant Ocular Melanoma (FOCUS): An Update on Chemosat Data - Dr Brian Stedman
  • BASIL-3: An Update - Prof Andrew Bradbury

Fundamentals 4

  • IR in Anaesthesia & Sedation Made Easy - Dr John Griffiths, Dr Simon Whiteley

Corporate Symposium 4

  • BTG: Cryoablation of Lung Tumours - Prof Matthew Callstrom

BSIRT Session 3: Fellowships - Advice & Experiences

  • Aus - Dr Rahil Kassamali
  • NZ - Dr Aws Alfahad
  • Canada - Dr Ben Maher
  • Sinagpore - Dr Shao Ong

Plenary 7: Effective Team Working: How do we Learn from 'Errors'?

  • Learning from Gina’s Story at Doncaster - Mr Nandan Haldipur
  • Royal Navy perspective - Cdr Alan Nekrews
  • Civil Aviation Authority perspective - Dr Stuart Mitchell
  • Learning from a Paediatric PCNL Case at Leeds Children Hospital - Dr Nasim Tahir

Plenary 8: Paediatric Interventional Radiology

  • Angiography in Children - Dr Premal Patel
  • Trauma Intervention in Children - Dr Sam Byott
  • Vascular Access in Children - Dr Andrew Healey
  • Urology Intervention in Children - Dr Sam Chippington

State of the Art 4: Recent Advances

  • Hybrid Angio-CT in IR/IO: New Principles and Angiographic Google Map in Seeing the Unseen - Dr Alex Tang

BSIR Session 8: BSIR Communication

  • How to become an IR superstar! - Dr Richard Miles