Learning Zone

Wednesday 1st November

Introduction & Welcome - BSIR President

State of the Art 1: Peripheral Arterial Disease (Raman Uberoi & Trevor Cleveland)

  • Endovascular treatment in PAD, What's new? - Stefan Möller-Hülsbeck
  • Consevative management or Surgery, the only options for PAD - Andrew Bradbury

Plenary 1: Venous disease (Duncan Ettles & Steve Butterfield)

  • Recanalisation in actue thrombosis - Mick Lee
  • Recanalisation in chronic thrombosis - Andy Wigham

Scientific Session 1: Aortic (Mo Hamady & Graham Robinson)

  • Long term complications and sequela of percutaneous groin access for EVAR - Krit Dwivedi
  • Introducing a catheter directed thrombolysis for life-threatening acute pulmonary embolus - Jules Harvey
  • Endovascular Management of Aorto-enteric Fistulas - Alexa Templeton
  • 10 year Outcomes of Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt treatment for Budd-Chiari Syndrome - Stavros Spiliopoulos
  • Dose reduction strategies using hybrid theatre technology during Endovascular Repair of Abdominal Aortic aneurysm - Srujana Ganti
  • Hybrid vascular suites: a necessity or luxurious investment - Usman Raja 

Scientific Session 2: Interventional Oncology (Dinuke Warakaulle & Damian Mullan)

  • Percutaneous Irrerersible Electroporation (IRE) of hepatic malignancy: a bi-institutional analysis of safety and outcomes - Sebastian Charles Mafeld Image
  • Guided Irreversible Electroporation (IRE) of Renal Tumours: The Early Experience at a Regional Cancer Centre - Tze Min Wah
  • Cryoablation of benign soft tissue lesions in children: initial experience - Alex Barnacle
  • Outcomes and efficacy of thermal ablation of malignant renal tumours at a tertiary centre  - Lizzie O'Mahony
  • Selective Internal Radiation Therapy (SIRT) with Yttrium-90 followed by Liver Resection: safety and outcomes - Sebastian Charles Mafeld
  • Radioembolization with Yttrium-90 for advanced hepatocellular carcinoma: A ten year Canadian experience - Behnam Shaygi

Industy Symposium 1: Penumbra

  • The Indigo System's Role in My Practice: for Fistula and Venous Thrombosis - Bella Huasen

Graham Plant Lecture (Raman Uberoi)

I/R: Current & future challenges (Hilary White & Tze Wah)

  • The I/R gender gap (Anna Belli)
  • Work-life-balance (Iain Robertson)
  • On-call (Jane Phillips-Hughes)
  • The Consultant Contract Present & Future - Ann Carton

Masterclass A1: Vascular stents (Stefan Müller-Hülsbeck & Raghuram Lakshminarayan)

Masterclass B1: Urology (Amit Patel, Rosemina Ahmat, Cherian George & Ian McCafferty)

SIRNR Symposium

  • Importance evidence based guidelines in IR - Kay Hackett

Masterclass A2: Vascular stents (Stefan Müller-Hülsbeck & Raghuram Lakshminarayan)

Masterclass B2: Urology (Amit Patel, Rosemina Ahmat, Cherian George & Ian McCafferty)

Plenary 2: Urology challenges - Interactive case discussions (Philip Haslam, Ian McCaffery, Amit Patel)

Plenary 3: Transarterial therapies for HCC - update of current therapies and trials (Jai Patel & Pavan Najran)

  • TACE for HCC - Christopher Hammond
  • SIRT for HCC - Jon Bell

BSIR Workshop 1: Radial access (Damian Mullan)

State of the Art 2: Benign Embolisation (Graham J. Robinson, Duncan Ettles)

  • Prostate - Timothy J C Bryant
  • Uterus - Duncan Ettles

State of the Art 3: Ablation (Tze Min Wah, Raj Narayanan)

BSIR Workshop 2: Developing intellectual property (Julian Potter)

Morbidity & Mortality (Nabil Kibriya)

  • My biggest clanger - Peter Littler, Homoyoon Mehrzad

Thursday 2nd November

BSIR Debate: Stroke thrombectomy (Raman Uberoi & Trevor Cleveland)

  • Lessons from the German model - Stefan Müller-Hülsbeck
  • Debate: Feasibility of a UK 24/7 service - Trevor Cleveland & Phil White

Fundamentals 1: PTC (Otto van Delden)

Plenary 4: 30 Years of GI Intervention: From Mind to the Global Stent Market (H-U Laasch, Ho-Young Song )

MDT: Locally advanced pancreatic cancer (Peter Littler & Praveen Preddu)

  • Interventional Radiology - Raj Narayanan
  • Clinical Oncology - Katharine Aitken
  • Medical Oncology - Mairead McNamara
  • Andy Smith - Pancreatic Cancer

Fundamentals 2: EVAR (Raghuram Lakshminarayan & Rajesh Bhat)

Scientific Session 3: Peripheral vascular (Vivek Shrivastava & Ramita Dey)

  • Mid-term single centre experience of "off-label" use of Vascutek Anaconda iliac limb stent gratfs in the endovascular repair of popliteal artery aneurysms (EVPAR). - J Graham Pollock
  • Drug eluting versus standard balloon angioplasty for infrainguinal revascularisation in claudicantion and critical limb ischaemia: Three year follow up data. - Rosie Cadwallader
  • The effect of antiplatelet and warfarin therapy on access site pseudo-aneurysm thrombin injection - Jonathan Delf
  • Catheter-directed thrombolysis (CDT) and/or mechanical thrombectomy for acute iliofemoral DVT at a single centre - Mandela Thyoka
  • Venous thrombolysis: a single centre experience. - Sai Wunnava
  • Aspirex Thrombectomy Procedures in Occluded Renal Dialysis Access Fistulae - Simon Lambracos

Scientific Session 4:  GI & GU (Tze Wah & Robert Stockwell)

  • Radiological Venting Gastrostomy for the Management of Malignant Bowel Obstruction - Abedi Farhad Syed Abbas Hasan
  • Work in progress: Exploring the molecular mechanisms of NiTiNol degradation leading to failure of GI stents - Stephen J Black
  • Success rates of forceps biliary biopsy vs. brushing cytology at PTC: A retrospective single centre analysis - Nikhil Birdi
  • Ella-HV anti-migration stent demonstrates superior performance for cancers of the Gastro-oesophageal junction - Joe Mercer
  • Bacterial isolates from urinary cultures obtained during percutaneous genitourinary interventions: are we prescribing antibiotics effectively and appropriately -Muhammad Khan
  • Clinical benefit of collagen transhepatic track embolisation after percutaneous biliary procedures (PTC) - Mathew Hancock

Industy Symposium 2: Medtronic (Trevor Cleveland)

Wattie-Fletcher Lecture (Raman Uberoi)

  • The Thin White Duke, 1805, The Beagle and UK Interventional Radiology - Robert A. Morgan

Presentations: Raman Uberoi

Masterclass C1: GI stents (H-U Laasch, HY Song, DW Edwards)

Masterclass D1: Venous (Mick Lee, Nick Chalmers)

BSIR Workshop 3: Embolics (Ram Kasthuri)

Masterclass C2: GI stents (H-U Laasch, HY Song, DW Edwards)

Masterclass D2: Venous (Mick Lee, Nick Chalmers)

BSIR Workshop 4: Coding & billing I/R procedures (Craig Jobling)

BASIL Symposium

  • Lewis Meecham
  • Lucy Casley
  • Hugh Jarrett
  • Matthew Popplewell
  • Prof Andrew Bradbury

Complex Cases Panels

  • Otto van Delden
  • Hilary White
  • Rob Morgan
  • Mick Lee
  • Jane Philips-Hughes
  • Raman Uberoi

Friday 3rd November

Plenary 5: Trauma (John Curtis & Ram Kasthuri)

  • Trauma Imaging - John Curtis
  • Trama Intervention - Elika Kashef

Plenary 6: Transplant intervention (Teik Choon See & Neil Davis)

  • Renal Transplant - Sapna Puppala
  • Liver Transplant - Neil Davis
  • Multivisceral Transplant - Teik Choon

BSIRT: Student and FY forum

Biliary round table (Otto van Delden)

Scientific Session 5: Farrago (Rubeena Razzaq & Gareth Davies)

  • The Interventional Radiology Nurse Practitioner: Rationale, Role Development and Outcomes. - Jimmy Kyaw Tun
  • CT guided transforaminal cervical epidural injection - Humza Mahmood
  • The contribution of IR to the management of children with button battery ingestion injury - Alex Barnacle
  • Eye Radiation Monitoring and Protection. - Cha-ney Kim
  • Why we should all own a PlayStation - Ali Alsafi
  • Real World IR costs - a first national multicentre survey - Duncan Ettles

Scientific Session 6: Embolisation (Steve Thomas, Teik Choon See)

  • Experience with bronchial artery embolisation for haemoptysis in patients with aspergilloma - Krishna Prasad Bellam Premnath
  • Out-of-hours endovascular haemorrhage control procedures in Scotland in 2009 and 2014: caseload, casemix and 30-day mortality. - Neil Young
  • Embozene versus Onyx embolisation of renal angiomyolipoma. - Shahabaz Patil
  • Role of pelvic venography and ovarian vein embolization in the treatment of lower limb varicosity, a single centre experience Yassir Al-Radhi
  • Endovascular treatment modalities for haemorrhage control in abnormal placental implantation deliveries: a systematic review and meta-analysis - Yousef Shahin
  • GDA embolisation in UGI non variceal bleed: single centre experience - Alberto Nania

Industrial symposium 3: BVM

  • Challenges of Radiology in Zambia and How You (BSIR) Can Help - Kayleigh Hackett
  • Challenges of Radiology in Trinidad and Tobago and How You (BSIR) Can Help - Shivani Persad

Fundamentals 3: Nephrostomy (Phil Haslam)

Fundamentals 4: TIVAD insertion (Ram Kasthuri)

Plenary 7: Dialysis access intervention in 2017 (Robert Jones & Peter Riley)

  • Access, Maintenance and Salvage: All you need to know - Nick Chalmers
  • A Charming Paradigm: Pathophysiology of AV Access Stenosis as a guide to treatment - Kate Steiner
  • Endovascular creation of Dialysis Fistulae - Rob Jones
  • Stent-grafts in AV Access - Pete Riley

Plenary 8: Paediatric Intervention (Sam Stuart, Aneeta Parthipun)

  • Central venous access - Sam Stuart
  • Biodegradable stents & HPB intervention - Simon McGuirk
  • Arterial and trauma intervention - Sam Byott
  • Paediatric specific IR issues - Alex Barnacle

BSIR Workshop 5:  Issues in the Interface of Anaesthesia and IR (Shane George, President SAIR)

State-of-the-Art 4: Complex EVAR (Raghuram Lakshminarayan J Stephen Butterfield)

  • Why is IFU Important? - Dare M Seriki, J Stephen Butterfield
  • Fenestrated and Branched Solutions - Dare M Seriki, J Stephen Butterfield
  • Polymer Based Solutions? - Dare M Seriki, J Stephen Butterfield
  • Off IFU Solutions? - Dare M Seriki, J Stephen Butterfield
  • When EVAR goes wrong - Dare M Seriki, J Stephen Butterfield

State-of-the-Art 5: Obstetric haemorrhage (Mo Hamady & Damian Mullen)

  • Service delivery - Rafiuddin Patal
  • Technique & outcome - Anna Belli

BSIR Workshop 6: Ablation (Nick Railton, Guy Hickson, Homoyon Mezrad, Ian McCaffery)