UNITE Collaborative


The UK National Interventional Radiology Trainee Research (UNITE) Network is the first junior/trainee led research collaborative in interventional radiology. The collaborative was founded in January 2021 as a joint venture between IRJ and BSIRT. The initiative was created with the goal of encouraging students and trainees to partake in research, as well as providing support for juniors interested in an academic career. 

Call for National Projects

Do you have an audit idea for interventional radiology that could be run at multiple centres? 

We are actively looking for project proposals to run as national scale audits. If you have an idea that you think may be the next UNITE project, even if it’s just an idea at this stage, please fill out our project proposal form and then email us at The UNITE collaborative will review the proposal, and if we think that the project would benefit from a trainee-led multi-centre design, we will work with you to run the project nationally. 

Project Proposal Form Link:

Previous Projects

IR COVID19 Review. The first project was a review looking into the impact of COVID19 on interventional radiology services and training. Article published in Clinical Radiology 

MACAFI. The MACAFI project was the first multi-centre audit undertaken by the collaborative. The project looked into the outcomes of percutaneous cholecystostomy. Published in JVIR and BJR (accepted). Presented at BSIR 2021 and CIRSE 2022.

CAASP. The CAASP project is a collaborative project looking into the diagnosis of acute aortic syndrome. The project is beign run jointly with the Vascular & Endovascular Research Network (VERN) and The Aortic Dissection Charitable Trust (TADCT). The project is currently in progress.  


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