BSIRT Vice Chair & Membership & Rules Junior Committee Member 2016

BSIRT Vice Chair and Membership & Rules Junior Committee Member Elections 2016

Nominations are invited for positions on the BSIRT Committee, in accordance with Clause 5 of the BSIRT Terms of Reference.

  • Only members of the Trainees section are eligible to stand for election to the Trainees’ Committee.
  • They must be proposed by members of the Trainees’ Section of the BSIR but can be seconded by any member of the BSIR.
  • Nominations shall be approved by the proposer and seconder.
  • The proposer and seconder must have view of candidacy’s manifesto / biographic note before endorsing nomination.
  • Election will be by electronic ballot, the winner being the nominee who achieves most votes.
  • In the event of a tie, a further vote will be carried out amongst eligible BSIRT Committee members.
  • Election shall be by electronic ballot except that, if the number of nominees equals the number of places available, the nominees shall be deemed duly elected. Clause 5, BSIRT Terms of Reference.
  • Appointments will take effect from November 2016

The Trainee Committee will meet at least once every six months as well as at the annual BSIR meeting.  The Trainee Committee may be convened to meet at other times by the Chairperson.

Nominations are invited for Vice Chair and Membership & Rules Subcommittee

BSIRT Vice Chairperson – The term of office of Vice Chairperson is 2 years in total, one year as Vice Chairperson, becoming the Chairperson in the second year.

Membership and Rules Committee - one position. The Membership and Rules Committee is responsible for constitution and membership issues, assisting in developing standards and is also responsible for organising the SpR scholarship essays.

Anyone interested in applying for any of the above posts is strongly encouraged to find out more about what the job entails.  In the first instance please contact  for any further information concerning the post (or contact ).

Please visit the link at if you are interested in the post of BSIRT Vice Chair and visit the link at‚Äč  if you are interested in the Membership & Rules sub committee post and complete the nomination form, inserting a short (no more than 100 word) biographic note / manifesto, you will need to login to complete this.


The nomination process will take place from Monday 5th September to Friday 23rd September, if you are interested in being a nominee please ensure that you e-mail your manifesto / biographic note to your proposer and seconder before they approve your nomination. Manifestos / biographic notes can only be viewed on the website in the voting part of the election process and not in the nomination section.  Please note proposers must be members of the Trainees' Section of the BSIR but can be seconded by any member of the BSIR.

Please ensure your proposer and seconder have enough time to endorse your nomination before the closing date of Friday 23rd September.

When completing the nomination form please insert a passport / thumbnail size picture to avoid any upload issues.