Paediatric interventional radiology is a growing field within IR. It has many similarities to adult IR practice but differs significantly in some areas, not just in the small size of the patients. Paediatric IR is different in terms of its focus on family centred care and care pathways, innovation in the adaptation of kit and procedures for small patients, the complexities of consent, increased need for sedation and anaesthesia, as well as prioritisation of radiation dose reduction.


Thriving paediatric IR services also positively influence adult practice in various areas, such as the management of vascular anomalies (which present far more commonly in paediatrics), the preservation of central veins for future vascular access by the more widespread use of IR techniques, the mentoring of adults IRs who encounter emergency paediatric referrals in their own practice (such as trauma, thrombolysis or vascular insufficiency cases) and by working together to ensure that a child’s transition to adult care goes as smoothly as possible.


Paediatric IR can be delivered by dedicated paediatric interventional radiologists, paediatric diagnostic radiologists who perform some IR procedures and adult interventional radiologists that perform some procedures on children. Input from all of these expert groups is needed to provide the cover for paediatric IR that the UK needs.


Group Aims

  • Provide a forum for discussion, mentoring and education regarding paediatric IR
  • Promote the highest standards of practice in paediatric IR in the United Kingdom
  • Help develop services and expertise around the country
  • Promote the exchange of information, learning and experience amongst UK interventional radiologists who have an interest in paediatric IR
  • To develop a specific paeds IR education program and explore teaching options to encourage/facilitate practice by paediatric diagnostic radiologists and adult IRs
  • Promote collaborative research and quality improvement
  • Participate fully in the BSIR annual meeting and explore forums for collaboration with other specialties, such as through BSPR and BAPS
  • Host an annual meeting in June each year to provide updates, training and network opportunities



The SIG currently has 145 members, with a truly multidisciplinary background. This includes 100 consultants, including specialised paediatric interventional radiologists, adult interventional radiologists that treat children, paediatric radiologists that perform intervention and interventional neuroradiologists. In addition, there are many radiology trainees, medical students, nurses, radiographers.



Co-Chairs: Simon McGuirk (Birmingham Children’s) & Alex Barnacle (Great Ormond Street)

Past Chair: Sam Stuart (Great Ormond Street)

Secretary: Nasim Tahir (Leeds’ Children’s)

Education & Training: Sam Chippington (Great Ormond Street)

Standards: Prem Patel (Great Ormond Street)

Research & Registries: Simon McGuirk (Birmingham Children’s)

Paeds IR UK subcommittee: Alex Barnacle, Premal Patel, Nasim Tahir, Sam Byott

Adult IR liaison: Ian Renfrew (Royal London Hospital)

Paediatric diagnostic radiology liaison: Susie Goodwin (Glasgow Children’s)


For all inquiries please contact

BSIR Secretariat: 63 Lincoln’s Inn Field, London WC2A 3JW. Tel: +44 (0)20 7406 599804


BSIR Paediatric SIG Newsletter Summer 2020