BSIR SIG & Affiliate Groups

BSIR SIG & Affiliate Groups

The BSIR SIGs (special interest groups) and affiliate groups make up a significant proportion of BSIR membership.
The SIG sections of the website can be accessed below or from the menu on the left.


Paediatric IR

Paediatric interventional radiology is a growing area within IR. It has many similarities to adult practice but differs significantly in some areas, not just in the small size of the patients. Paediatric IR is different in terms of the need for family centred care and care pathways, consent, sedation and anaesthesia as well as radiation protection.



The Society of Interventional Radiology Nurses and Radiographers (SIRNR) is a society established to represent our discipline and promote excellence and education in our field.


Women and Diversity in IR

This group has grown to represent and promote diversity within IR.


IOUK Interventional Oncology UK

IOUK serves as a forum to foster engagement and collaborative partnerships with internal and external stakeholders in deciding the future direction of IO travel e.g. teaching & training, research & innovation, service delivery and clinical governance.



The Vascular Anomalies Special Interest Group - UK are a recently formed collection of like minded individuals with an interest in the study and management of vascular anomalies.