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BSIR Annual Meeting 2017

1st -3rd November 2017

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The Society of Interventional Radiology Nurses and Radiographers (SIRNR) is a society established to represent our discipline and promote excellence and education in our field.

Our Society aims to:

  • Discount education programmes for SIRNR members,
  • Share good practice,
  • Provide exemplar policies, standard operating procedures, working practices and competency frameworks,
  • Hold an annual meeting and talks in association with BSIR, with content relevant to radiographers and nurses,
  • Hold social and networking events,
  • Push to be recognised as a speciality and enable people to understand interventional radiology as a discipline,
  • Provide internet discussion sites and message boards on the British Society of Interventional Radiology Web Site.

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SIRNR Committee 2014

Chair                         Mary Donnelly

Secretary                  Carol Ewan

Treasurer                   Vacant  

Education (JOEG)      Mark Widdowfield & Jon Pearce 






Letter from Chair, November 2014

Dear Members

I just want to thank all members of SIRNR, new and old, who attended the dedicated programme and the SIRNR AGM at this year’s BSIR annual conference in Liverpool.

The discussion you initiated made it a very interesting and productive meeting and gave the committee many ideas for the forthcoming year. We hope that you are all enthused to take ideas back to your own units and to become involved and contribute to next year’s conference.

As we discussed, there will be elections held early in 2015 for committee members and many attendees put their names forward to become regional representatives for our society. Please be brave...its not as bad as you may think!

All this year’s attendees should receive notification soon of their inclusive membership for 2015 but if this is not received please let a committee member know. For those reading this who were unable to  attend this year and have any questions re SIRNR or your membership please send these to our email address : sirnr@bsir.org.

We know have representation on the BSIR Membership and Quality and Safety groups and issues or questions for these groups should be raised via the committee members.

Finally, can I encourage all members to be actively involved this coming year as this is the only way we, as IR Nurses and Radiographers, will have a voice within BSIR and the wider IR community. Please put your name forward for elections or just if you are able to spread information locally.

We have lots to offer, both the society and each other.

Kind Regards

Mary Donnelly



View out Terms of Reference document at the end of this page  

For further information on SIRNR Membership, please contact sirnr@bsir.org



SIRNR Terms of Reference


SIRNR Newsletter Autumn/winter 2015